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RESTUBE® is coming to Turkey!

RESTUBE®, the first official safety partnership in Turkey, will be held in Bodrum on October 26 - 29, 2019, the most comprehensive Swimming Championship in the Mediterranean.  11th International ARENA AQUAMASTERS SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIP with AQUAMASTERS TURKEY.

RESTUBE®, which has saved lives in Germany and many countries, is preparing to enter the Turkish market.  RESTUBE® is a light, small and easily portable life saving product.

You tie this product to your waist or sports equipment like a belt. The yellow life-saving inflatable buoy opens automatically with the help of a carbon dioxide cartridge with a pull. In this way, you can easily keep yourself afloat, attract the attention of the people around for help, help someone else after you calm down and return to the beach safely. RESTUBE® is ready for use again by installing a new cartridge.

RESTUBE® can be used by anyone, in the sea and in fresh water, for sports purposes such as swimming, fishing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, sailing, or for professional purposes such as life-saving teams. RESTUBE® is a brand new product for more freedom and more life safety in the water. He has saved hundreds of lives in many countries of the world, including Germany.

Christopher Fuhrhop , CEO of RESTUBE®, is also the founder of Restube. Although he is a very experienced surfer, he suddenly lost his control and was in danger of drowning while kitesurfing on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. However, he managed to swim back to the beach with broken surfboards. After this great shock, he came up with this ingenious idea. Over time, starting from this idea, he developed RESTUBE® and its versions that appeal to many different usage areas together with his team. Each of them is specially designed and produced for different areas.

RESTUBE® Automatic , the automatic version of the brand, inflates by itself as soon as it touches the water and becomes usable within seconds. RESTUBE® Automatic can be transported to the victim and released into the water as soon as possible with a drone. RESTUBE® Automatic is the newest product on the market. It is also the smallest certified RESTUBE® PFD ever produced, available from 2019.

RESTUBE® was established as a company in 2012 and has been successfully sold in more than 500 stores in more than 25 countries to date.


RESTUBE® has won many awards so far. In 2015, it was awarded in the 'German Founder Price' Startup category and also with the 'ISPO Gold Award'. In 2016, it received the 'German Accelerator' award for its opening to America. In addition, it received the 'ISPO Award' in 2019 by demonstrating its responsibility towards nature with its RESTUBE® recycle bag product. Since 2018, RESTUBE® has been a safety partner in over 30 sporting events.

In addition to the RESTUBE® success story, with its motivated team, it has set our society's goal to be more aware and sensitive about "safety in water".

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