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I'm Memduha Alptogan. I am a swimming coach in love with his profession, who has been involved in swimming for 12 years, has gained many successes, and after that, he took the training of this job and has been involved in all levels of coaching for 31 years.

The subject of my article today is 'WHY SHOULD WE DO SWIMMING SPORTS'.

We call SWIMMING the sport that our body does in water with arm and foot movements without any material or help from anyone. There are many reasons why we chose this branch, which is at the top of the Olympic sports.

The first and most important of these is our 'CAN' security. Although our country is surrounded by seas on three sides, we unfortunately hear and watch drowning cases, especially in summer. Families who are conscious and have a sports culture direct their children to this sport at an early age. Nowadays, it has become easier to learn this sport in summer and winter. Many training services are offered within the body of sports clubs, schools, municipalities, Youth and Sports Directorate and federation institutions. Among the children who learn to swim here, those who love this job, have talent and ability, are hardworking and willing, start their journey as athlete candidates and gain the right to become a competitive athlete in the future.

Another reason is 'HEALTH'. As our ancestors said, the saying that the iron that works does not rust has not been said in vain. Swimming is the sport with the least risk of injury without being exposed to gravity. All muscle groups in our body work in this sport. Like every useful habit acquired in childhood, regular exercise teaches how to use time well, trains and shapes our entire body, and provides weight control. In addition, it regulates the blood circulation, helps the circulatory system, ensures the proper use and rapid distribution of oxygen, protects the athletes from diseases due to the resistance it adds to the body, and ensures the growth of healthy individuals. Swimming exercises also have the feature of relaxing our nervous system; As a result, the relaxation and relaxation of the muscles offers us a positive life.

Another reason is 'DISCIPLINE'. Swimming is one of the sports that provide this feature best. Since it is one of the few sports branches that can be started at a young age and it is suitable for human nature, it enables us to gain discipline and pushes the person to live more planned. Although it may seem difficult from the outside, it is a very enjoyable and enjoyable branch once learned. The discipline gained from this will provide great convenience in every stage of one's life and increase his fighting capacity.

Another reason is 'TRUST'. Swimmers who are engaged in swimming are people with high self-confidence. This sport helps one gain self-confidence. It helps to adapt and prevent distraction. While providing socialization in introverted individuals, it also helps to gain new friendships.

Another reason is 'SUCCESS'. As the years progress, swimmer candidates get the chance to become licensed athletes and represent their clubs and countries in both national and international competitions. Their success in these competitions clinches them and becomes a source of morale for the next. As always, it is in the nature of sport to lose as much as to win. Success is a phenomenon that varies from person to person. For some, doing this sport, being the first for some, being the Olympic champion for others may be the criteria of success. I would like to repeat a word that I always say: What we want and how much we risk for it, and our planned-programmed work in line with the goal with endless desire is the way that will lead us to success.

One of the biggest reasons nowadays is the 'OPPORTUNITIES' it provides. Competitors receive scholarships from many secondary education, high school and university institutions in line with their achievements. Universities in our country as well as in the world give importance to the swimming branch and provide serious scholarships to successful swimmers. University championships are held with high participation day by day and the successes here have a positive effect on the national teams. Students who do swimming and want to study abroad also have the chance to get to know different cultures and get quality education in their targeted profession by getting swimming scholarships.

And the most beautiful achievement is 'FRIENDSHIP'. Our friends, who we live together to win and lose, to be happy and sad, to break the rules sometimes, to be scolded for your friend when necessary, to go to training just to be with him when appropriate, who are our confidants, sometimes brothers and closest friends... These years, which took a part of it, are full of 'good luck' for me. Hope you are as lucky as me


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