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To contribute to the awareness of swimming, which is part of the vision and mission of the International Arena AquaChallenge Swimming Championships, to convey the love of swimming to the masses, regardless of age, to convey that swimming is a very special sport that can be done at all ages.  was implemented with vision partners within the scope of instilling principles.  

It is also a part of the cooperation protocol implemented by Sportive A.Ş, the Turkey representative of the world-famous Arena brand, which is the main sponsor of the World Swimming Association FINA and the Turkish Swimming Federation and is the title sponsor of the International Arena AquaChallenge Swimming Championships, with the Turkish Swimming Federation. The "International Arena AquaChallenge Swimming Championships", which is the main event, is a set of championships aiming to provide competitive and enjoyable moments full of sports, where safety is at the forefront, where the participating athletes together with their vision partners and valuable supporters will compete in sportsmanship.

International Arena AquaChallenge Swimming Championship,  It is preparing to become a Championship where you can get the reward of all your devotions. Together with our supporters to make this Championship an amazing experience for everyone and to all of you safe and at the same time.  we strive to prepare a competitive Championship.
We want you to do your best, and above all for you to enjoy. Enjoy the sport you love, enjoy the amazing locations that host the race.
These Championships
  We do everything we can to make it more special.

Now it's your turn to make these Championship days special.

We wish you all a pleasant stroke.


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