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''Positive Person and Positive Athlete''

Dear Aquamasters Family,

As Aquamasters Management, "Positive Person and Positive Athlete" award for a long time
We were thinking of bringing the category to life. This year, we can make that wish come true.
Extremely open, constructive, supportive, belonging values for new experiences
high, simple in his behavior and with his natural free spirit, he constantly gives energy to himself and people.
We are an athlete who can give, who can cheer up the environment with his presence, who can think positively.
Mr. Seda Kanburoğlu's first ''  With you as the Positive Athlete of Aquamasters
We are happy to introduce you.

The core value of socialization  embodying a sense of belonging,
First of all, dear Seda, for seeing and feeling as a part of the Aquamasters Family.
We would like to thank you and we will present your award at our Championship in Göcek.
by stating his feelings, which he shared with us with his permission,  We also share.

''The first open water swimming race I participated in my swimming life, which I started about 3 years ago.
Aquamasters has a very special place in me. Starting with the 2019 Marmaris Championship
My Aquamaster adventure motivated me to swim and I felt myself in this sport.
It also made a significant contribution to my development. Along with the enthusiasm I get from Aquamaster
Swimming became a passion for me. 

I am incredibly happy to know that I am part of this family! 
He is looking forward to every championship, such a quality, enjoyable and full of sport.
Endless thanks to everyone who contributed to the organization for signing the organizations.
I thank you.''
See you in Göcek…
Have a great day!
Seda Kanburoglu

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