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  Aquamasters and Turkey Foundation for Children in Need of Protection / KORUNCUK in 2017 

The Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection (Koruncuk Foundation) aims to ensure that every child and young person receives compassion, love and understanding, has adequate nutrition and a healthy environment, benefits from play and entertainment opportunities, receives a modern education and develops their skills, in short, lives in a manner worthy of human dignity. believes he is right. In our country, there are hundreds of thousands of children and young people in need of protection, who have no family or are abandoned, or whose personal existence is threatened, neglected or abused, and left vulnerable to bad habits, despite their family.

The Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection, founded in 1979 by volunteers who aimed to establish and sustain the first of the settlements consisting of 10-12 houses, called “Children's Village”, established for the living of these children, who will be among the greatest assets of the country if they are integrated into the society. From the moment they arrive, it works to ensure that people develop in a family environment, receive education and training, develop their personal skills, and become individuals who are ready for the future and useful to the society. The Koruncuks, who were taken to the Children's Village when they were between 0-6 years old from the Ministry of Family and Social Policies Provincial Directorate Child Services Department upon the request of the Foundation, are a warm home.  the physical, spiritual, moral and intellectual development of children at home, where mother's love and understanding of family are maintained; it is aimed to gain productive and constructive personality in the society and to provide their education, including higher education.

Aquamasters, which contributes to the development of swimming with its successful organizations and social responsibility projects,  Within the scope of the 6th Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships hosted by Hapimag Sea Garden Resort, Bodrum in October 2017, a very special race was organized for the benefit of our most valuable assets, our children. KORUNCUK Foundation, which is a non-governmental organization and tries to maintain its sacred duty on the basis of volunteerism and donations, with the participation, donations and donations of friends, to the CEO & Celebrity Swim Challenge swimming event, where loved, successful people and celebrities of the business world throw their strokes for KORUNCUK. have made a significant contribution to  


Figen Özbek, President of the Foundation for Children in Need of Protection, said, "Aquamasters is a great organization, I swam in this special event, I was very happy, I enjoyed it very much" and  He stated that swimming is an outstanding sport that can be practiced at any age. President Uzbek,  For their sensitive approach and support to our “KORUNCUK”  To Aquamasters Management 

And we would like to express our endless thanks to our valuable athletes.”  

  Aquamasters and Clean Sea Association/ TURMEPA in 2016 

Contributing to the development of swimming sport with its successful organizations and social responsibility projects, Aquamasters ensures that families and individuals stay in swimming sport with encouraging organizations, and tries to convey the awareness that swimming is a sport that can be sustained for a lifetime in a healthy and fit way to large layers of the society. The Aquamasters Management and the Marine Clean Association/TURMEPA Management, which came together in 2016 with their love for Swimming Sports and the sea, to announce their love to wider masses, in the 3rd International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships held in Marmaris Martı Resort Deluxe Hotel in October 2016. Organized various activities.


Stating that they are ready for all kinds of tasks in the realization of national and international projects to be carried out jointly and who is also a successful open water swimmer, TURMEPA General Manager Mr. With the presentation of Akşit Özkural on the measures to be taken to keep our seas clean, the projects to be realized together with Aquamasters were started. At the meeting, "First of all, I would like to thank TURMEPA General Manager Akşit Özkural, Deputy General Manager Semiha Öztürk and Netsel Marina General Manager Erkan Özatağ for their sacred duties they have undertaken and their wholehearted support for our cooperation. We attach great importance to our cooperation with TURMEPA, because it is important to protect our seas and waters. If we do not raise awareness about the issue, unfortunately, we will not have a sea to swim in the future. Everyone should realize this and do their part, "After Aquamasters Chairman of the Board Selçuk Demirel, Aquamasters Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cem Yurtbay, who is a sea lover and a successful master swimmer, said: "First of all, my daughter's name is Deniz; swimming with my wife and daughter is my greatest joy and pride in life. Our championships are organizations that contribute to the socio-cultural structure by taking the master swimming branch beyond the competitions and provide the athletes with pleasant moments with their families and friends. like this, we, as the Aquamasters family, will express our affection for TURMEPA in all our events.”  


Martı Hotels Open Water Swimming Marathon started with our special athlete Kemal Özdemir, who is a TURMEPA volunteer and project partner, unfurling a banner with the slogan "Every Fathom, a Breath to the Sea".  


  Aquamasters and Mender in 2015

In 2015, Aquamasters and Mender (Marmaris Disabled Social Assistance, Solidarity, Education and Culture Association) hosted the pride of our country, our Physically Disabled National Team swimmers during a one-week performance camp. In addition to the Turkish National Team, athletes and trainers from Serbia, Malta, Slovenia, Belgium, Bulgaria and Croatia, who have proven themselves in the international arena, participated in the international performance camp organized as part of the social responsibility project of Aquamasters and Mender. After the camp, our athletes participated in the IPC International Paralympic Swimming Championship held in Naoussa, Greece on 27-29 March 2015. 
They won 26 Gold, 8 Silver and 5 Bronze medals and successfully represented our country. In addition, Beytullah Eroğlu, Muhammet Ali Aydın and Özlem Kaya are in the championship.  They passed the "A" threshold and qualified to go to the World Championship, which will be held in Glasgow, England. 

Mr. Belma Arslan,
Mr. WiltrudKip,
The late Mr. Bulent Pehlivan.


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