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Dear Aquamasters Family,  


Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which has surrounded the whole world and has been declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization, it has become necessary to postpone our "International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships", which will be held in Göcek on May 1-3, 2020 and in Marmaris on May 15-19, 2020, to autumn months. has been.  


We would like to state that we took this decision as a result of the meetings we held with our stakeholders and board of directors, in parallel with the injunction decisions taken by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Turkish Swimming Federation and the Muğla Governorship. By the way 20 March 2020  as of  The European Swimming Association (LEN) will also be held in Budapest in May 2020  It has announced to the public that it has postponed the "European Swimming Championships", and finally, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to postpone the "2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics".  


With the awareness that health is more important than anything else, in line with the necessity of complying with the precautionary decisions regarding collective activities, new championship dates have been determined in consultation with all official institutions and organizations, our stakeholders and our board of directors.  Your race registration rights for the month of May will be transferred to the new dates under the same conditions.  


09 -11 October 2020  > 12th International Arena Aquamasters Open Water Swimming Championships -  MARMARIS stage.

16 -18 October 2020  > 13th International Arena Aquamasters Open Water Swimming Championships -  GOCEK stage.


updated  championship rules coming soon  will be shared on our website and social media accounts.


We wish to get through these difficult days together and meet again in good days full of healthy and sports.  


Best Regards,  


*Announced to be held on 15-17 May 2020  An informative e-mail is also sent to our athletes who registered for Marmaris Short Course Swimming Championship.  will be sent.



  Board of Directors

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