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Dear Aquamasters Family,   

Since 2015, under the auspices of the Muğla Governorship, in cooperation and coordination with the Turkish Swimming Federation and Muğla Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports.  International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships, which we held  Since the first day we introduced it to you, we have taken care to bring our athletes together with innovative, special, enjoyable and, above all, qualified championships with the quality, confidence and quality that our athletes and their families deserve.  


01 - 05 May 2019  in Marmaris, the pearl of our country and South Aegean.   "Bronze Championship"  as we will  10.  We would like to thank Marmaris Municipality and Martı Resort Deluxe and Martı La Perla for hosting the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships once again.  


Considering that Wednesday, May 1, 2019 is a public holiday, the Short Course Swimming Championship has been moved to May 01-03, 2019. As an Aquamasters tradition, the Open Water Swimming Championships will also be held from 04-05 May 2019, following the Short Course Swimming Championships.


Turkish Swimming Federation  Approval dated 13.11.2018 and numbered 2019/05-MAS-A01   We would like to share the details of our Championship organized with you.



As it is known, the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships, which is not just a one-day event, but is a championship that includes different events, and which is the most comprehensive swimming championship not only in our country but also in the countries with a coast to the Mediterranean, In the championship program prepared in line with its innovative approach;  


01-03 May 2019  (Wednesday Thursday Friday); International Short Course Swimming Championship in the first three days of our championship,

04-05 May 2019  On the days (Saturday and Sunday), we will hold 4 different Open Water Swimming Championships.


May 4  Saturday morning; Our athletes will enter the 5K Open Water Swimming Half Marathon in the clear waters of Marmaris Bay.


afternoon of the same day  we will do  '' In the SETUR MARINAS 4 x 500 Mt Relay Race, we will have another open water event where teams of 4 people will perform by throwing a total of 2000 m of strokes, and we know that it will be extremely competitive. We believe that the Relay Race, which is limited to 100 teams (400 athletes), which does not require being a club athlete, will be an exciting and fun event that will contribute to solidarity among our athletes, like the previous ones.  


On Sunday morning, May 5, 2019, the last day of our championships  Traditionally, we will start at different times when the most intense participation of athletes will take place.  we have two events;


The first one is MARTI Hotels Open Water Swimming Championship 1.5K, 

The second is the 3K Open Water Swimming Championship.


You can find the details of our events in the competition regulations.  


It is a great pleasure to announce to you very special events that will be held in the coming period within the scope of the principles of contributing to the awareness of swimming, which is part of the vision and mission of Aquamasters, conveying to large audiences that swimming is a very special sport that can be done at all ages, and instilling the love of the sea among the masses. we will be happy.


World Swimming Association  of FINA and  International Aquamasters Swimming, the Main Sponsor of the Turkish Swimming Federation  which gave its name to the championships  World-famous  Arena  brand in Turkey  representative  With the Turkish Swimming Federation, Sportive A.Ş.  "International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships", which is part of the cooperation protocol  ''  During this period, we will try to provide you with sports, competitive, surprise and enjoyable moments with our valuable supporters.


Details and detailed information about the organization  We will continue to communicate on our website, Aquamasters Spor Organization facebook and aquamastersswimming instagram accounts.  


International Arena Aquamasters Swimming  to the Championships  All the people who will host once again and do not spare their support in the realization of the project, 

We would like to thank the institutions and organizations.  


As the Aquamasters Family, as always, under the title of friendship and competition,  safety and quality come first,  We are waiting for you all to Marmaris to spend a lot of fathom, enjoyable and enthusiastic days.  


With Love and Regards.  




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