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Gocek is hosting the 13th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships for the first time. Swimming lovers meet once again!

Dear Aquamasters Family,

The 13th International, the second stage of the Turquoise Swimming Series
Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships 23-24 October 2021
hosted by D-Resort and D-Marin
It will be held in Göcek/Fethiye.

With its extraordinary natural beauties and unique turquoise coves,
The best time in Göcek, where the sun always rises and sets beautifully
13th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming in October
It is a great pleasure to swim together in the Championships
we will hear.

Our participants in the Göcek stage consisting of 5 different Championships
will have unique experiences, D-Marin Open Water Swimming
Our athletes who will compete in the Championship 6K track,
With a very special track called "Paradise Crossing"
You will meet and swim for the first time on a unique route full of islets.
they will have priority to throw.

International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships, swimming
a very special olympic sports branch that can be done at any age
To raise awareness about the sea, to spread the love of the sea to the masses.
to be able to do swimming, regardless of age,
within the scope of the principles of promoting
fulfilling their duties together with the awareness of social responsibility

International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships with you
innovative, special, enjoyable and above all, since the first day we introduced
most importantly, the quality and trust that our athletes and their families deserve.
to bring our athletes together with qualified championships
We took care. During the 13th of our Championships, all
together with our supporters, we offer you sports-filled, competitive, abundant
We will try to give you surprise and pleasant moments.

Who does not spare their support at every stage of our championships

TR Ministry of Youth and Sports, Turkish Swimming Federation,
Muğla Governorship, Muğla Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate and Fethiye
All public and private persons, institutions and
to all organizations, who do not spare their messages of appreciation and support.
We would like to express our endless thanks to our athletes.

Friendship as always, as Aquamasters Family,
under the heading of sportsmanship and competition, health, safety and
days with plenty of fathoms, pleasant and enthusiastic, where quality comes first
We look forward to welcoming you all to our Championships.

With Love and Regards.
*Details and details of the organization
information on our website, Aquamasters
Sports Organization facebook and aquamastersswimming instagram
from our accounts,
You can write your questions to our e-mail address

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