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Exactly 19 months after the 11th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship, which we held together in Bodrum in 2019, we will be together again in beautiful Marmaris, where Aquamasters was born, as swimming lovers. During this separation, we have prepared a surprise for you, taking into account the longing for swimming of our esteemed athletes, who have made great requests for the Aquamasters family to reunite. Many people have contributed to their efforts, support and ideas in the realization of the song "We are in Aquamasters", which we introduced to you today, by breaking new ground once again in swimming. Now is the time to say thank you;


Our athlete Deniz Yurtbay wrote new lyrics for the piece "On the Beach", the lyrics and music of which belongs to the precious musician Fikret Kızılok, who has spent his life in the seas. The arrangement belongs to Özgür Sevinç. Deniz Çevik added value to the work with her extraordinary voice. We offer our endless thanks to them.


Thanks to Yağmur Kızılok, Fethiye Demirel, Cem Yurtbay, Macit Akman, All Stars Music Chairman of the Board Mine Aksoy and Ezgi Köker for their sensitive approach and valuable contribution to the swimming sport and the Aquamasters family for their sensitive approach and valuable contribution to the creation of such a beautiful piece of work. We also thank you.


On this occasion, we would like to express our thanks once again to our social responsibility partner, Deniz Temiz Association/TURMEPA, which makes the protection of our sea and coasts, which are our source of life, a national priority and continues to work to leave a livable Turkey to future generations.


“The 1960s-70s were the years of youth for us, with hopes that we can 'change the world'. The expression of our self-expression; our songs, folk songs, stories. We preferred calm songs to our children…”


Our esteemed musician Kızılok summed up his life with these words on the cover of his album "Gün Ola Devran Döne" released in 1999 and gave the key to his transition to the serenity of life over the years.


We commemorate him with respect on the 20th anniversary of his departure, bring his work to you with a new interpretation in our turquoise seas, and celebrate your holiday.



With love.

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