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International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship meets with Istanbul… 

Dear Aquamasters Family,   


Under the auspices of the Istanbul Governor's Office, the Turkish Swimming Federation, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, Heybeliada Water Sports Club and Adalar Water Sports Clubs in coordination and cooperation.  8th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship; On 4-5 August 2018, we congratulate you, our esteemed athletes, who have devoted themselves to swimming.  After Marmaris and Bodrum, this time it will meet in the Prince Islands of Istanbul.


Since the first day we introduced you to the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship ; We took care to bring our athletes together with innovative, special, enjoyable and, above all, qualified championships with the value that our athletes and their families deserve.  To the 8th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship, which we will hold with the same approach.  On 4 and 5 August 2018  Istanbul, the pearl of our country, will host for the first time.   As it is known, Aquamasters, which is not just a one-day event, but is a championship that includes different events, and with this feature, is the most comprehensive swimming championship not only in our country but also in the countries with a Mediterranean coast. in the championship program;   


  August 4, 2018  Saturday at 16.00;  Heybeliada Water Sports Club will start from the platform  the one which  In the "International Aquamasters Setur Marinas 4 x 500 m Relay Race ", teams of 4 people will perform by swimming a total of 2000 m.  It will be our first open water event where we will witness the struggles. The Relay event, which is limited to 100 teams (400 athletes) that does not require being a club athlete, like the previous ones; We believe that it will be an exciting and fun event that will contribute to solidarity among our athletes.  4x500 m relay race   You can find detailed information about the competition in the regulations.  


  August 5, 2018  On Sunday at 09.30 am;  We will start from the Burgaz Island Islands Water Sports Club platform, which has now become a tradition.  " International Aquamasters  At the Peugeot Open Water Swimming Championships ”  our athletes are 1.5 K and  3 K  They will have completed the championship by swimming to Heybeliada Water Sports Club with two different courses.   


Within the scope of the principles of Aquamasters' vision and mission, to contribute to the awareness of swimming, to convey that swimming is a very special sport that can be done at all ages, and to instill a love of the sea in the masses, on 27-30 September 2018.   in Bodrum  We will be very happy to announce the very special events of the 9th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship, which will be held in the near future.  What we will do in 2018  ''International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships''  Details and detailed information about the organization that we will try to provide you with sports, competitive, surprise and pleasant moments with our valuable supporters.  with its renewed face  We will continue to communicate on our website, our Aquamasters Sports Organization facebook account and our aquamastersswimming instagram page.  

International Arena Aquamasters Swimming  We would like to express our gratitude to all individuals, institutions and organizations who did not spare their support in the realization of the Championships.   


As the Aquamasters Family, as always, under the title of friendship and competition,  safety and quality come first,  We wish you all to spend a lot of fathom, enjoyable and enthusiastic days.  in Istanbul and Bodrum  we will be waiting.    


With Love and Regards.    




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