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Dear Aquamasters Family,

Since the first day we introduced the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships to you, we have taken care to bring our athletes together with innovative, special, enjoyable and above all, qualified championships with the quality, confidence and quality that our athletes and their families deserve.


We will be very happy to be together with you again in the very special events that will be held in 2021 within the scope of the principles of contributing to the awareness of swimming, which is part of the vision and mission of Aquamasters, of conveying to large audiences that swimming is a very special sport that can be done at all ages, and instilling the love of the sea.


It has the most beautiful coasts of Turkey; Marmaris, Göcek and Bodrum towns will host the "International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships", which is also a value of our country.


Turquoise Swimming Series 2021 calendar;

12th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships (28 May 2021 / Marmaris)

13. International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships (23-24 October 2021 / Göcek)

14th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships (29–31 October 2021 / Bodrum)


First of all, we would like to thank you for your understanding during the creation of the new scheduling. Within the scope of the circular published by the TR Ministry of Interior on March 30, 2021, the Göcek Championship, which we previously announced will be held on May 01-02, 2021, has been postponed to October 23-24, 2021, as the curfew will be applied during the month of Ramadan.


*Registers of our athletes who have registered for the Göcek Championship until March 15, 2020

It will be valid at the Göcek Championship on 23-24 October 2021. Moreover;


*Athletes who have registered only for the Göcek Championship until March 15, 2020 will be able to use their registration rights in the championship to be held in Marmaris on May 19, 2021, if they wish.


According to the championships program prepared in line with the usual innovative approach of the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships; If they wish, our athletes will be able to become the "Aquamasters Champions of the Year" in 2021 by choosing the "Turquoise Swimming Series" in order to experience their continuity.


During the ''International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships'', together with all our supporters, we will try to provide you with sports-filled, competitive, many surprises and enjoyable moments. The Ministry of Youth and Sports, Turkish Swimming Federation, Muğla Governorship, Muğla Youth and We would like to express our endless gratitude to all public and private individuals, institutions and organizations, especially the Provincial Directorate of Sports, and to all our athletes who conveyed their requests and support messages for the realization of our championships throughout the year, and who showed understanding during the formation of the new scheduling.


As the Aquamasters Family, we invite you all to our Championships to spend a lot of fathoming, enjoyable and enthusiastic days under the title of friendship, sportsmanship and competition, where health, safety and quality come first.


With Love and Regards.




*You can get detailed and detailed information about the organization from our website, Aquamasters Spor Organization facebook and aquamastersswimming instagram accounts, you can write your questions to our e-mail address

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